Monday, December 12, 2011

New Use for Turkey Bells!

Shortly after our last post about Turkeys and Bells, we had a customer call in to tell use what she and her coworkers use the turkey bells for.

Working in a nursing home, the employees needed a way to tell where patients with wheelchairs and/or walkers are, so they attached the turkey bells to the wheelchair handles and to the walkers. Also having a bell on their wheelchair or walker enables the residents to ring when they need help or assistance with something.

The patients like the bells because it allows them a little bit more freedom and so they don't have to worry if they are not near the nurse's call button, they still have a way to communicate where they are and that they need assistance. These bells have been a great help in the nursing home setting.

These bells would also work in a home setting for the same uses. It is amazing how many different uses each and every bell has.

copper turkey bell

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