Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Potty Train Your Puppy Using Bells

Photo by TintedGlass
Training a puppy to let you know when he needs to go outside to potty doesn't have to be a hard task. You just need to train your puppy to associate ringing the bells with going outdoors.

What you will need:
Bells (small jingle bells or craft bells will work)
A length of sturdy string or ribbon to tie or sew the bells to.

Be sure that the string or ribbon is long enough for your puppy to reach with his nose or paw so that he can ring them. Sew or tie the bells firmly to the string or ribbon, you do not want them to be able to fall off and cause a choking hazard for your pet. Affix the bells to your door, being sure your puppy can reach them.

To get your puppy to associate the bells with going outdoors, be sure to ring them every time that you take your puppy outside. It will be especially helpful if you can get the puppy to ring them when you take him or her outside, however, even if you are doing the ringing, be sure that the bells are rang each time, then open the door to go out. After a few days of this, most puppies will learn what the bells mean and you will soon hear the bells ring and find your puppy waiting patiently by the door.

However, if your puppy is not learning to associate the bells with the door, he or she may need some positive affirmation in the form of treats. For more info on this visit:

Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Hang a Wind Chime

When decorating the exterior of your home, a wonderful addition to a porch or patio area is a wind chime. These beautiful ornaments are not only decorative, but create music for you and any guests with just the slightest breeze.

To hang your wind chime, you will need:
Screw Eye Hook
Metal S Hook
Length of Chain (optional)

Find the location where you want your wind chime to be located. The eaves of your home or porch is a good option, especially if they are wooden, just screw in the screw eye hook to use an anchor for your wind chime. If your home is covered with vinyl siding, you have an option of screwing the hook through the siding, or you can hang your wind chime from the gutter with an S plant hook. If you want your wind chime to hang lower, use a length of chain to attach the wind chime to the screw eye hook.

A simple project that will help add some simple beauty to your home.

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