Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What are those bells on motorcycles?

With all this nice weather lately there have been a lot of motorcyclist traveling through the Hillsville, VA and Fancy Gap, VA area, enjoying the parkway I presume. I happened to notice that some of the bikes had a little bell hanging on them, curious about this, I decided to do a little research:

From what I was able to gather gremlins are little imps that like to hitch rides on motorcycles and wreak havoc during their stay. It is believed that evil road gremlins cannot live in the presence of bells. It is said that their hearing is super-sensitive and that the constant ringing of the bell will drive them insane. It is believed that a gremlin bell works even if you purchase your own, however, it is stronger if it is given to you from someone who cares about you.

It is said that the bell should be mounted as low to the road as possible without interfering with any of the parts of the motorcycle.

It might be a neat idea to get a small custom bell for someone you know who rides a motorcycle as their own gremlin bell.

If you are curious about the legends behind the gremlin bell a quick search on google will reveal tons of information and folk lore.
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