Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

Many people have heard the phrase "ring in the New Year". But what does ringing in the new year mean?

When one thinks of the term ring in, usually a bell is thought of, mainly because bells ring. So what do bells have to do with the New Year?

Most old churches in many countries have large bells on them. These bells were used to let the community know when church was beginning, and also told of events. One of these events was of course the New Year. When one heard the church bells ringing on New Years day they would say that they were ringing in the New Year.

Today, some older churches still practice the custom of ringing in the new year, but the phrase has also taken on a new meaning. Many people use the phrase to indicate that they are celebrating the New Year.

So how did you ring in 2012?

steel hand bell

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