Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Bells Revisited

If you have been following our Bell Blog, then you know that we have talked about the history of wedding bells in the past. Today, we are going to give you an idea on how to use those bells in a wedding.

three wedding bells
Bells look adorable with bows and handed out as favors at weddings. And you can add a tag that reads: "Ring for a newlywed Kiss", "Ring for a Kiss", "Ring for a wedding Kiss", or "Ring to make a Toast" (really the list of reasons to ring a wedding bell is endless).

Or, if you're handwriting isn't that great (or you don't want to write on 100s of tags), you can order a custom bell for your favors:

two wedding bells

Bells and weddings go hand in hand and have for a long time. So if you want or need a little bit of something traditional. Then the wedding bell is the way to go. Of course, wedding bells don't have to be typical of tradition, you can also use small bells tied on strings and woven above the aisle, it would be lovely on a nice breezy afternoon wedding to hear the tinkling of tiny bells as you walk towards your future spouse.

kiss bell

We would love to hear about bells being used in weddings. Let us know what you've seen or done with wedding bells.
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