Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkeys and Bells

For the people that keep turkeys, they probably already know that there is a such thing as a turkey bell. But for the rest of us, I thought I would share that little fact.

copper turkey bell

A turkey bell is very similar to a cow bell. It is worn by the turkey around its neck and it lets you hear where your turkey is, especially if you allow your turkeys to wander. This will help you find them if they wander off. But there is an added advantage to having a bell on your turkey. Strange noises tend to keep predators away. And a the noise a bell makes is not one that is typically found in natural surroundings. So by having a bell on your turkey you are helping to keep the predators at bay.

Some people use the turkey bell on other small animals, around a cat or dog's collar, or just to have as a novelty item or to use in crafts.

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