Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Bell History

Spring is in the air and that means that summer months will soon be here. Summer tends to be the most popular time for weddings. So for those of you planning, helping to plan, or attending weddings this summer, we have a little wedding bell history for you to enjoy.

Wedding bells have been around for many years. And as with many things that have been around for as long as wedding bells have there is a little bit of history, tradition, and superstition behind them.

It was once believed that evil spirits were all around and apparently they were intent upon ruining happy moments for people. Wedding bells were believed to scare off these evil spirits that were intent upon ruining the couple's happy day. Also in other beliefs, it was thought that wedding bells would help to promise good luck and fortune to the newly weds' future.  In many cases, people rung bells for the couple to kiss. Who would want evil spirits trying to ruin a sweet kiss from a blissfully just wed couple?

One of the most recognized symbols of a wedding is two bells tied together with a bow. This probably signifies the joining together of two people into one life.

Some weddings, particularly ones that do not have any alcoholic beverages, the Bride and Groom have bells handed out to guests so that they can use them during toasts instead of clinking together glasses.

Bells are a very traditional touch to a wedding, and there are so many options that you can use bells for. They can be used during the ceremony, instead of rice when the Bride and Groom set off on their new life together, small craft bells can be used to jazz up floral arrangements, bells can be used as the wedding cake topper, and in centerpieces. We have heard of couple's who used small wedding bells hung up in outdoor weddings so when ever a breeze came through the guests would have some lovely tinkling music to enjoy. You can use customized bells as wedding favors and so much more.

If you want a piece of tradition in your wedding keep the bell in mind.

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  1. Indeed it is a great blog on history of wedding bells. It may be out of fashion now but wedding bells always have their importance. Well, I am going to use small wedding bells as decoration part at outdoor wedding venues nyc in my sister’s wedding next month. I am sure everyone gonna enjoy lovely tinkling music of bells and it will be a unique idea too.


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