Wednesday, March 9, 2011

25 Uses for Bells

There are many bells, different sizes, different types, etc. But what can they all be used for?  Here are 25 different ways to use various bells:

  1. Train a pet to come to dinner.
  2. Train a pet to let you know when they need to go potty.
  3. Noise makers at sporting events.
  4. Ornaments for a Christmas tree.
  5. Decorate a wreath.
  6. Add to a bouquet of flowers for something unique.
  7. Put on a pet’s collar to warn smaller animals. (ex. Warn a mouse of a cat’s presence)
  8. Use on an elf costume.
  9. Use in a Halloween costume.
  10. Use by someone who is bed bound.
  11. Get people’s attention.
  12. Centerpiece for a wedding.
  13. Use in a garland as decor.
  14. Use on a scarecrow to help scare away the birds.
  15. Use instead of birdseed/rice at a wedding.
  16. Use to let the cows know that dinner is coming.
  17. Use as a door bell.
  18. Let your family know that dinner is ready.
  19. Use as a desk bell to get clerk’s attention.
  20. Get several small ones and make a wind chime.
  21. Put one on a door that leads to stairs so you will be warned if a little one is entering a danger zone.
  22. Ring in the New Year.
  23. If you work in a business, use one to announce a sale.
  24. If you work in a business encourage customers to ring if they had a good experience there.
  25. If you work with small children use one to let them know when recess is over.
Didn't see an idea that you have used or have thought of using? Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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