Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden Bells

Ah, hanging out on the back porch, having cookouts, friends over, just generally enjoying the outdoors. But if you are like me you start noticing all the little things that need to be done outside while enjoying the sounds of birds, the breeze, and the smell of the flowers.

The yard might need to be weeded, the porch stained or power washed, the grill brought out and cleaned up. You get the idea.

But once all the work is done and overly weathered outdoor decor has been fixed or nixed (depending on the condition) you might find yourself yearning for some new decor.

One piece of decor that I feel every porch needs is (wait for it....)


Bells go well with almost any decor style, from country to modern. Garden bells come in several sizes, colors, and shapes:

See,  this is just an example of two different bells, but they are so different and each would give a porch it's own unique signature look.

We would love to see pictures or hear ideas of how you've used garden bells to decorate your own home.

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