Monday, February 14, 2011

Desk Bell/Call Bell

This bell is one that many people have seen during their lives, they aren't seen as frequently today as they once were. These classic bells used to found nearly everywhere, from teacher's desks, to secretary counters in Dr.'s offices, Post Office counters, the front desk in hotels, on the counter at the tailor's, etc.  This list goes on.  These bells make neat gifts for people who are in the fields that used to use these bells.  Teachers sometimes get a kick out of them, and even put them to use in their classrooms after receiving one.

Where do you remember seeing the desk bell?


  1. Boy, I guess that I am much older than I thought I was! Where have I seen these bells? They used to be everywhere! Come to think of it, what was wrong with the bell anyway? They ought to bring them on back.

  2. We agree with your Lauren. We would love to see these bells out and being used again!


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