Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bells for your Scarecrow

On Pressure Cooker Outlet's blog we talked about the benefits of having an edible garden. Now, what if you go ahead with your garden only to discover that the birds are feasting upon your hard worked for vegetables & fruits? One method that has been used since America was first settled is the Scarecrow.

Making a scarecrow does not have to be a difficult task.

2x4 board 6 to 7 feet long
2x4 board 3 to 4 feet long
Hay or something to stuff with
Old unused clothing (great way to recycle some items)
Something to make noise (BELLS!)
(needle and thread may be needed depending on the bells you decide to use)
Old pillow case

  1. Place the longer 2x4 on the ground, nail the shorter one to it in a lowercase t shape, so that it is low enough to be considered arms.
  2. When you dress your scarecrow if using pants, put the long piece of lumber through one leg, stuff both legs with straw or other stuffing and tie the waistband to the board.
  3. Place the scarecrow in its garden spot and pound the frame into the ground.
  4. Finish dressing the scarecrow by putting on its shirt and stuffing the arms.
  5. Fill the pillowcase with straw for the head and slip it over the top of the board; tuck the pillowcase end into the shirt and use rope to secure the head to the frame.
  6. Add finishing touches, like a face, hat, gloves etc.
  7. Place ribbons streamers, bells, pie plates or chimes so they’ll move when the wind blows, if desired.
We recommend sewing mini cow bells to the ends of about half of your ribbons before tying them onto the scarecrow.  This will add much needed racket and it will ensure that the bells are well placed so that they do not fall off. Jingle Bells will work as well.

Now you are ready to go!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You can certainly link to my blog post about teaching our cat to ring a bag of bells! Thanks much!


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