Friday, April 20, 2012

Using Garden Decor Indoors

There are many beautiful garden decor items that can also double as interior decor. Wind chimes, small statues, gazing globes, even outdoor furniture can double as indoor furniture.

This works well if you want a garden feel inside your home, or want to link a sun room to the outdoors. Wind chimes can be hung where a breeze from the door opening and closing will make them chime for you. This can add a soothing feeling to coming home.

There are also many different outdoor rugs that would be a welcome addition to the inside, many of these rugs are easy to clean, which make them perfect for high traffic/high mess areas, such as a dining room or foyer. Garden statuary also makes for a nice addition to the indoors, smaller pieces can adorn bookcases or fireplace mantles, while larger pieces can greet people as they come in the door, or decorate a forgotten corner of an office or living room.

What pieces from your garden have you already brought indoors? Statues? Potted Plants? Fountains? We'd love to hear your decorating ideas!

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