Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Super Simple Bell Bracelet and Necklace

Bells make adorable jewelry. For a super quick super simple necklace or bracelet just follow our easy instructions:

We used:
Small Liberty Bell

Bell Bracelet:

Cut enough ribbon so that it will easily tie around your wrist. Center the bell on the piece of ribbon (to keep the bell from sliding, you can tie a not around it.) Tie ribbon around your wrist and voila, you have a bell bracelet.

Bell Necklace:

Cut enough ribbon so that the necklace will hang where you want it to, and still have enough left on the ends to tie the ribbon around your neck. Center the bell on the ribbon, if you do not want the bell to slide, knot the ribbon around it. Tie the ribbon on and your bell necklace is complete.

See, we told you it was super simple. You can experiment with a variety of bell colors and shapes as well as ribbons. If you make one, let us know, we would love to see it!

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