Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Cowbell Craft

We revisited Create Bake Play's website and found a very neat craft for Christmas using white cowbells and regular cowbells. Without further ado here is a craft for you try out:

Christmas Bell DIY
Photo from Create Bake Play.
Santa Bell

You will need: 
  • different size cowbells (and different colors if you prefer)
  • orange, pink, and red pompoms
  • googly eyes
  • red lipstick
  • black and red permanent markers
  • cotton balls
  • brown, black, red ,and white pieces of felt 
  • peach acrylic paint 
  • white acrylic paint (optional)
For Santa Bell:
  1. Start with a white cowbell. Or paint one white. (if you paint one you will need to wait for the base coat to dry before going onto step 2.)
  2. Paint on the section of the bell that will be the face with the peach acrylic paint.
  3. Place and glue one your googly eyes and the pompom for the nose.
  4. Using the permanent markers, draw on glasses and mouth (use photo for guideline if you need to).
  5. Cut some of your white felt into a mustache shape for Santa and glue on.
  6. Using the lipstick create some blushing cheeks for Santa.
  7. Glue some cotton balls around the top of the Santa Bell.
  8. Cut some red felt into a cone shape for his hat and attach the cone to the cotton balls with glue.
  9. Use a small cotton ball or white pompom for the top of Santa's Hat.
For instructions on creating the other two Christmas bell crafts visit:

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